Tipi is a perfect idea for a kids’ corner decor, it encourages the creative fun, decorating and cheering up the interior of kids’ or living room at the same time. Besides, you can take it anywhere: to the garden, the beach or even for a longer trip. Thanks to simple construction it is easy to disassemble and move the tent to any place.

If you wonder what is the best age range for the tipi, seems like there is none. Everyone of us enjoyed playing “home”, or seek-and-hide etc. When my younger daughter was 6m old, she crawled inside and rolled over the pillows, now she’s 1y old and finds it a perfect place for a midday nap. On the other hand, my older daughter is already 3y old and uses tipi as a place to “cook”, read books or play with the blocks. Even my husband like to go inside to play hide and seek with the kids ;)

To stimulate the child a little bit, I’ve prepared the whole set of accessories for each tipi. It includes tipi tent, playmat and the pillows.

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