About us

Matuu has been founded in 2017 from the passion of sewing. We are a small family atelier based in Amsterdam. I’m the heart of the company, also a proud mum of 2 adorable tots, Marta and Monika. They are the best source of countless inspirations for new products, serving as guides to the children’s world. Also my husband is of little help, especially when it comes to digital matters. Thanks to that I can craft the products which make the kids smile. The first tipi I’ve made was for my daughters, when the the younger was 6 months old and older 2 years old. For me, it immediately recalled old memories when we used to build fort out of blankets. For them… the joy was so huge that it pushed me into the world of creating the playgrounds for your kids.



It takes a lot to make each offered product unique, special and just.. perfect. I design, sketch, carefully search for proper fabrics with high quality print and cloth. Then I sew the final product, taking care of every smallest detail. I prefer mainly cotton fabrics, natural, made with 100% cotton or cotton mixed with linen(50/50). However, when the printed pattern really gets me I choose cotton mixed with a little of polyester(80% cotton, 20% polyester), as well as minky, extremely cozy fabric loved by the kids. I mostly shop for fabrics at local shops and markets in the Netherlands(North Holland area), but sometimes I import some from Poland, my homeland, with the freshest patterns from polish and other designers.

I offer products like tipi with accessories, playmats for toddlers, pillows and cuddly toys, which invite to creative fun, decorating the room at the same time. I’ve tried to combine them into unique sets, which depict my vision for given theme.They open up the magical children’s world, cheering up everyone and make the interior special.

I’m also open for individual requests. I’d love to make your kids’ dream come true. Every project is a new challenge, and that is exactly what I love about my job!

If you have an idea, or desired theme, which you’d like to fit into your interior and you are either clueless or haven’t found the perfect match anywhere, drop me a line. I’ll prepare some designs, and I’m pretty sure we’ll agree on something.

Feel free to contact me about other stuff too: