Handle instruction

We care that the tipi sets, playmats and accessories you bought, will serve you well and for a long time. To keep the beautiful colors and softness of fiber fills for long, please follow these tips:

  • Pillows
    • machine wash in 30°C (except pillows sewn from “lama” type fabric - golden and silver pillows - clean these pillows using wet cloth)
  • Playmats and Tipies
    • machine wash in 30°C on gentle or delicat programme
    • do not bleach
    • do not tumble dry
    • do not hand wash
    • iron playmats in max 150°C with a huge amount of steam(for mats, where minky is used, one shall iron only the cotton side, NOT MINKY)
    • iron tipies in max 200°C with a huge amount of steam
    • for product having print on them: it is advised to swirl using max 400 RPMs

    To keep the products with silicone fill in proper shape for a long time, we advise to shape them a little after washing while they are still wet(this is recommended especially for playmats and pillows). It is also important not to push the iron too hard against the mats’ surfaces, because it might make the fill more stiff.


    Too much info? Don’t worry! All the details regarding washing and handling are printed on the labels attached to the products!