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Acorn Stripes - yellow wallpaper

Acorn Stripes - yellow wallpaper

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Immerse yourself in the subtle elegance of our Acorn Stripes Wallpaper, a perfect blend of nature-inspired beauty and minimalist design. The wallpaper features delicately hand-painted acorns by the talented Agnieszka, adding a touch of artistic charm to your space. Each acorn is meticulously rendered in watercolors, showcasing the unique textures and hues that only hand-painting can achieve.

The backdrop consists of thin, minimalist cream & yellow stripes in soft pastel colors, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. This understated yet stylish pattern brings a modern twist to classic nature motifs, making it an ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Key Features:

• Design:
A harmonious combination of hand-painted acorns set against minimalist thin stripes.
• Color Palette:
Soothing pastel hues that complement a wide range of color schemes.
• Material: 
non-woven paper, with a mat and elegant look (pattern is repeated every 50 cm)

Bring the outdoors in with this exquisite Acorn Stripes Wallpaper, perfect for adding a touch of nature’s tranquility to any room.
The wallpaper is sold in a roll of 2 sheets, in 2 sizes;

*2 strips 50cm wide and 270cm high

*2 strips 50cm wide and 310cm high

1. Prepare the wall. It has to be clean, smooth, without any holes or imperfections.
2. Before applying the glue, read the glue’s manual carefully and folow the instructions.
3. Make sure you are using the right type of wallpaper glue
4. For testing our wallpapers, we’ve used the PERFAX glue

How many rolls do I need?
Example1: The wall you'd like to put the wallpaper on is 2 m wide. In this case, you need 2 roll, 4 sheets of wallpaper (4x 0,50 m).
Example2: The wall is 3,5 m wide- you'd need 7 sheets, so add the item to the cart 4 times.

Still not sure how many sheets are needed in your case? Please contact me at

Check double check

We recommend that you double check the print before sticking the wallpaper strips on the wall. The edges of the strips don't match? Then there may be a cutting error. In that case, the wallpaper will be reprinted for you. 

The edges match, but not exactly? In that case we stay within the acceptable cutting margin of 1mm per strip.

A roll contains 2 strips of 270 cm or 310 cm high and 50 cm wide.

Between the strips there is a cutting line. Stick the strips together in the correct order and the pattern will always run nicely.

Processing time: 5 - 10 working days

Keep in mind that the walls are not always straight, so have some margin (5-10cm) in your calculations

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