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Indian summer on white - floral wallpaper

Indian summer on white - floral wallpaper

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The flowers bring joy not only to our eyes but also to the soul. This gorgeous floral wallpaper will decorate your interior with cosmos garden and gold leaves. Each details was hand-painted by Sylwia who created this lovely romantic pattern 
The wallpaper is sold per 1 sheet. The sheets are available in 3 sizes:
* 53x160cm
* 53x270cm
* 53x310cm

The vinyl paper with a grainy structure draws attention to every small detail of the pattern. If you look closely, it will look like painted by hand just for you.

1. Prepare the wall. It has to be clean, smooth, without any holes or imperfections.
2. Before applying the glue, read the glue’s manual carefully and folow the instructions.
3. Make sure you are using the right type of wallpaper glue
4. For testing our wallpapers, we’ve used the PERFAX glue

How many sheets do I need?
Example1: The wall you'd like to put the wallpaper on is 2 m wide. In this case, you need 4 sheets of wallpaper (4x 0,53 m). 
Example2: The wall is 3,5 m wide- you'd need 7 sheets, so add the item to the cart 7 times.

Still not sure how many sheets are needed in your case? Please contact me at

Processing time: 5 - 10 working days

Keep in mind that the walls are not always straight, so have some margin (5-10cm) in your calculations

* When buying wallpaper and accessories, you will receive your order in two separate packages. In one the wallpaper and in the other the rest of the order

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