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Retro poppy flower - wallpaper

Retro poppy flower - wallpaper

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We like to go back to the roots, and retro style is in us. We try to change it slightly, but we love this timelessness. Nature delights us, motivates us, we rest best in its lap. It allows our children to discover thousands of exciting things through play. Wildflowers surround us and caress us with their colors. Poppies can be found almost everywhere. And they could not be missing in my collection.

And here we have for you a timeless pattern of retro poppy flowers: faded burgundy poppies on a bright, sunny background. With this pattern, you will feel the summer in your interior and not want to leave it.

This pattern is for big and small. You can easily combine it with beautiful vintage or modern furniture.

This wonderful wallpaper in a rustic color was designed for Matuu.


You can easily order by sheets, one sheet is 280cm high and 53cm wide. This way, you can order the number matching your needs and minimize the excess.

How many sheets do I need?
Example1: The wall you'd like to put the wallpaper on is 2 m wide. In this case, you need 4 sheets of wallpaper (4x 0,53 m)
Example2: The wall is 3,5 m wide- you'd need 7 sheets, so add the item to the cart 7 times.

Still not sure how many sheets are needed in your case? Please contact me at

Processing time: 5 - 10 working days

The wallpaper is printed to order.
Unfortunately, because of the possible slight changes between color batches, it is not possible to return the wallpapers. You can order a sample before making a decision; just choose a sample from available options.

* size - 53cm x 280cm

This wallpaper is printed on high-quality non-woven wallpaper and is sustainably produced in the Netherlands.

The print is safe for your health, non-toxic, and meets European norms.

Please use the glue for non-woven wallpaper, for example, Perfax roll-on (we tested it ourselves in our rooms 😉 )

Before applying the wallpaper on the wall, thoroughly prime the wall and remove dust and grease from the surface. If your wall has a rough surface, fill any holes with wall filler. Then sand the wall filler well smooth. Never wallpaper over other wallpaper and remove any residue.

Apply glue to the wall, stick the sheet, smoothen, and finally enjoy the result. But remember, the walls could be uneven; please keep a margin of about 5-10 cm in height and add the following sheets after matching the pattern, from left to right. In the end, trim off the excess paper at the top and bottom. Let the wallpaper dry well and carefully remove any glue residue with a damp, soft cloth.
Enjoy the result 😉

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