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The moon Thief - teddy bear wall sticker

The moon Thief - teddy bear wall sticker

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Wall Sticker is a Perfect Alternative for a Children’s Room

This wall sticker is an excellent alternative for those who find wallpaper too overwhelming for a child’s room. You can decorate the room in just a few minutes.

Designed to create an inspiring and fun environment for your child, this sticker encourages creativity and dreaming. It’s an ideal solution for parents wanting to add a touch of magic to their child’s room.

Theme: A teddy bear stealing the moon, surrounded by numerous small stars - a testament to the limitless nature of our imagination, much like that of our children. Each element is precisely cut along its outline, ready for any arrangement on the wall according to personal preference. *The logo is cut out as well, but don’t worry, you don’t have to stick it anywhere 😉

Colors: Neutral and light, dominated by pastel shades of blue, gray, and green, creating a calm yet joyful background with a hint of magic.

Material: Matte self-adhesive PVC film, 95µm thick, with a fire safety certificate - B-s2-d0 according to EN-13501-1. Safe for children, washable, and fade-resistant. The sticker is suitable for walls and furniture.

Sizes: Available in 3 sizes:

- 100x55 cm
- 130x70 cm
- 150x80 cm


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