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The moon Thief - teddy bear wall sticker

The moon Thief - teddy bear wall sticker

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Transform your child's room into a dreamy celestial scene with this enchanting wall decal. Featuring a beautifully sketched polar bear journeying through the stars, tethered to the moon, this design brings a touch of fantasy and wonder to any space. The soft, neutral tones and intricate details create a serene and magical atmosphere, perfect for nurturing your child's imagination.

Made from high-quality, durable materials, this decal is easy to apply and remove. It's an ideal alternative to traditional wallpaper, allowing for a quick and effortless room makeover in just a few minutes. Each element can be individually applied, enabling you to create a unique and personalized arrangement.

Add a touch of cosmic magic to your child's room with this stunning wall decal and let their dreams take them on interstellar adventures every night.

Material: Matte self-adhesive PVC film, 95µm thick, with a fire safety certificate - B-s2-d0 according to EN-13501-1. Safe for children, washable, and fade-resistant. The sticker is suitable for walls and furniture.

Sizes: Available in 3 sizes:

- 100x55 cm
- 130x70 cm
- 150x80 cm

Processing time: 5-10 days


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